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"Mobile banking" customers trust Banks

The date of: 2018-12-27
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viewed: 92
The release date: 2018-12-27

On a Friday morning in October this year, the door of heqing sub-branch was just opened, and a middle-aged woman rushed in, regardless of queuing to get the number, she rushed to the counter window and spoke. Because the woman was a little nervous, so the language expression is a little confused, the counter staff saw the first time to ask her about the situation, and comfort the woman slowly said. After further understanding of communication, we understand that the woman is doing business, because working relationship often involves the transfer remittance, so recently launched mobile banking, but because of operation not skilled, coupled with the first use some hurry-scurry, so took each other's name in the process of transfer of input error, so that an account of the money went to another province. Because it is a trans-provincial transfer, the speed of return of funds is relatively slow. But up to now, it has been more than 24 hours, and the other bank still has no notice. At this time, she began to worry, and she found our bank for help at a loss what to do. Since this money is the order of the company, if the money cannot be remitted to the designated account on time, it may have a great impact on her business. Therefore, this lady seems especially anxious and worried. After knowing the details of the incident clearly, the counter staff immediately retrieved the transfer and remittance information of the woman and verified the contact step by step. After repeated information inquiry and consultation and communication, the staff finally received the reply from the bank in the other province, saying that the funds would arrive at the account within 2 hours. Although her nervousness improved somewhat, she was visibly shaken by the response and insisted on waiting in the lobby for two hours until the money arrived. In order to calm her anxiety, we brought her a cup of hot water, took her to the rest area and sat down, and once again told her to believe in the efficiency of the bank and the safety of mobile banking. Said two hours, in fact, less than 20 minutes, the woman received the funds to the account prompt message, and happily raised the phone to the counter "good news", repeatedly said: "really thank you very much, if the money today to the account, my goods can be delayed." In order to help the woman better experience the convenience and safety of mobile banking in the following work and life, the counter staff explained the use method and precautions of mobile banking for her again, and told her: "if you encounter any problems next time, you can directly contact our counter staff". After getting the satisfactory result, the customer said happily: "using nongxin's mobile bank transfer, I put 100 hearts."

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