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Qualcomm has persuaded the us trade department to consider imposing an import ban on apple's iPhone, which USES Intel chips, but the company appears to be hoping for compromise measures to protect its dominance in the next generation of mobile technology.The us trade commission said on Wednesday it would closely follow a judge's recommendation in September that an import ban would hurt the us's competitive edge in the development of the next generation of 5G mobile technology. They will also look at the judge's finding that apple violated one of qualcomm's three patents. Bu...
发布时间: 2018 - 12 - 27
On a Friday morning in October this year, the door of heqing sub-branch was just opened, and a middle-aged woman rushed in, regardless of queuing to get the number, she rushed to the counter window and spoke. Because the woman was a little nervous, so the language expression is a little confused, the counter staff saw the first time to ask her about the situation, and comfort the woman slowly said. After further understanding of communication, we understand that the woman is doing business, because working relationship often involves the transfer remittance, so recently launched mobile banking...
发布时间: 2018 - 12 - 27
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